Life360 vs Find My iPhone – Which one is best?

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Last updated on October 30th, 2022 at 09:41 am

Are you anxious about your lost phone or stolen phone? You have tried to connect with your cell phone, but it doesn’t connect. Ok, do not worry about your lost phone, because Life360 app and Find My iPhone works the same and it has the option to find a stolen phone. Both of these apps have the further benefit of tracing the location of your lost phone. No need to worry about your lost phone; the application will solve a problem. Now the query is which of them is best between Life360 vs find my iPhone?

Is Life360 the application you rather than a simple Find My iPhone the bulk beg to you? Ok, please read my article to solve these questions.

What Do They Do?

Life360 tracks your phone and can track the location of where your family members are. As well as Find My iPhone works in the same way and helps to find your lost or stolen phone. However, life360 and find my iPhone are somewhat different from each other.. Life360 apps help to connect you with your family members and friends. Whereas Find My iPhone only tracks your lost or stolen phone and the location. Both apps are treasures, but the essential information is that Find My iPhone is only convenient for the iPhone.

Find My iPhone for mac

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is an application that helps you to find your missing iOS device. It will be free and easy to use on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Using guide Find My iPhone

You will get Find My iPhone app as pre-install on all iOS devices. Using find my iPhone app you can tighten your Apple ID and password for login. If your device is lost,  iCloud website helps to trace your gadget. The application lets you save data by sending gestures and commands to your device.

What Makes Find My iPhone Special?

Whether your gadget is on, you might operate the GPS and find it on a map. You might lock your gadget, lock the device, play sound, show a message, and even delete everything from your phone. You can assign a statement that provides a phone digit for whoever finds your widget to contact you.

Find My iPhone install

The Downside of Find My iPhone

Meanwhile,  Find my iPhone has several downsides. You ought to know that.

  • First, while you are driving to stalk your friend, its intention will be critical to have the friend’s Apple ID and password. You might not want this state of working to Find my iPhone. However, Life360 is a more attractive option than Find my iPhone in this reference.
  • Secondly, you might not enjoy using Find my iPhone because it contains some safety cases.
  • Lastly, the app could not trace the exact spot where your widget was.


The Life360 app describes itself as a GPS and family finder. It desires to help you discover your phone and locate your family associates. Life360 is an iPhone search app that can stalk your phone that you have misplaced. The app leader is always willing to help you. This app not only stalks your phone but also lets you follow your buddies and family. It is a little more info that some people might feel uneasy with.

life360 for mac

Using guide life360

You might trace your misplaced phone or anyone’s location using Life360. There is some manual about using Life360.

  • Firstly, install the Life360 app from the google play store. It is necessary to have this application on every single family member. So every person has to install Life360.
  • When the induction method is done, make an account there.
  • After that, allow notifications, spot sharing, and other elements. Add your picture and track all the schoolings.
  • Make a ring and add or ask your family fellows.
  • There is service alertness. If any fellow engaged the part, he could send alertness to the other fellows on the trouble.
  • Dynamic roadside service.

What Makes Life360 Special?

You can consider the actual-time sites of your family fellows or your mobile widget. You can make your site personal or allow your whole family to hoop catches where you are. The curls you make in the application are not restricted to your relative fellows. You could have one for identical mates, and so onward.

Life360 has a lot of unique features with both spent and premium benefits:

  • Crash observation
  • Location alertness– Set alertness for home, academy, and profession. When the user comes, you will be informed.
  • Battery dash information
  • Current travels record
  • Useful definitions for when the user pivots their place or phone off to evade being stalked.

Install life360 for mac

The Downside of life360

Life360 also has several downsides, as Find My iPhone has.

Meanwhile, if you lose your gadget, you won’t be able to direct your data. This application can only trace your mobile, but it might not manage or keep your data secure.

Which is better: Life360 or Find My iPhone?

I guess both are good, but there will always be one winner. I think Life360 is better than Find My iPhone.Because Find My iPhone does not have any features, whereas Life360 has so many features.

The difference between life360 Vs Find My iPhone

Life360 Find My iPhone
Life360 is available on Android and the Apple gadget Find My iPhone is only available on Apple gadgets
Life360 is additionally possible for family and friends, and it styles itself as a personal grid. Find My iPhone lets you attach with communications kept on your widget.
Life360 must be paid if you like to get premium elements. Find My iPhone is gratis for all users.
Life360 is a complete benefit. On the obstinate, Find My iPhone is devised for easy services.

Final Thought

The appropriate location app for tracing missing iOS gadgets has some estimable ward features. Once again, Life360 Vs Find My iPhone differ in their parts. However, there is an advantage of Life360 because it has many social tools and is also available on Android and iOS gadgets.

Both apps, life 360 as well as find my iPhone, can track your devices. If you have an iPhone and want to secure it, then you might use the Find My iPhone app. And if you want to catch your family or spot your phone, then you may use Life360 as a better option.

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