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Last updated on October 30th, 2022 at 04:58 pm

Have you ever thought that it is possible to view and analyze DNA sequencing files through a mobile app? Yes, it is possible and through FinchTV you can do it for free. FinchTV is the first ever android app that will allow users to open and view DNA sequencing files.

Users can be able to view trace data from chromatogram files through chromat formats. FinchTV is also filled with several handy tools, including Reverse Complement, fast and end scrolling, export to fasta and so on. Since it offers some amazing features, most people want to use it on Mac but it has not yet launched any official Mac version. Therefore, you have to use emulator software to download FinchTV for mac and through this context we will show you the procedure.

What is FinchTV App?

FinchTV is a tool category app designed by Geospiza in January 2016. This app is designed to help researchers to view, analyze and manipulate DNA sequences without any hassle. With the FinchTV, you can easily view DNA chromatogram files and analyze the DNA sequence through a graph.

Through this app, you can easily deal with extensions like, .ab1, or .abd. Moreover, an entire trace display in a scalable multi-pane view can be possible through FinchTV. And it shows the way with the ability to reverse raw data views, blast search and complementary sequences and traces.

Why Choose FinchTV for mac?

FinchTV offers some exclusive features that will surely impress you to download the app on your Mac. If you want to know what are those effective features, follow below. Here we have included the core features of FinchTV app.

  • You need to choose the FinchTV to read chromatogram files in multiple chromat formats.
  • Where you can see the quality values while viewing the DNA trace.
  • This app displays the sequence base in several colors. You can also view the base sequence with the trace positions.
  • Through FinchTV, you can be able to adjust the scales vertically and horizontally
  • FinchTV allows to display the chromatogram trace as a wrapped view or in a single pane.
  • App users can view DNA sequences and the chromatogram data details.
  • FinchTV gives users the ability to print their trace on a page with a certain number of panels.
  • You will be able to export the DNA sequences to a FASTA formatted text file.

How To Download FinchTV for Mac?

Basically, FinchTV is a smartphone app which is only developed for iOS and Android platform. Due to its effective features and workability, now most users also want to use the same app on Mac. Since there is no Mac version available, how will you use this app on Mac?

Well, FinchTV download for macOS is possible and for that you have to use an emulator software. There are several emulators available, including Bluestacks, MEmu Player, Nox Player and Remix OS Player. Emulators will enable android environment on your Mac and we’ll show how to download FinchTV for mac through two different emulators. 

Download & Install FinchTV for Mac With Bluestacks Emulator?

Bluestacks is one of the top quality emulators that offer an effortless downloading and installation process. Here is the procedure that you need to follow to get the FinchTV for mac through Bluestacks.

Step -1 First of all, visit the official website of Bluestacks to download it’s recent and updated version.

Step -2 Now, install the emulator through the downloaded setup file. However, the installation process may take a little time.

Step -3 Once the installation is done, now open the emulator and from there find out the play store.

Step -4 Open the play store with your email ID. Or you can create a new one from there if you do not have an gmail account.

Step -5 After accessing the play store, now use the search option to search for FinchTV.

Step -6 You have to select the right app from the search result and then install it through clicking on the install button.

Step  – 7 Once the installation is done, now you can start using this DNA sequence analyzer app on a big screen.

Download & Install FinchTV for Mac With MEmu Emulator

MEmu is another popular emulator that also comes with amazing emulator features. We have outlined the procedure that you need to follow to download the FinchTV for mac through MEmu emulator.

  • To begin, first download and install the emulator from it’s official website.
  • After completing the installation procedure, open the emulator.
  • Find out the google play store from its home screen and click on it.
  • Launch the play store with your google account.
  • After accessing the google play store, search for the FinchTV from there.
  • Select the right app from the search result and tap on the install button.
  • Once the installation is done, now start exploring the app from Mac with mouse and keyboard.

Alternatives to FinchTV

Along with the FinchTV app, you will find many other effective apps that offer similar features. In this section, we have included top five apps that you can use as an alternative app to FinchTV.

  • CircleDNA
  • Genetics
  • Molecular Methods
  • Magnify (Ad-Free)
  • Hueckel Molecular Orbital HMO
  • Terrarium TV 

FinchTV for Mac (Final Thought) 

Now you know how to install FinchTV for mac and what procedure you need to follow. Since this is the first app that allows printing VNA trace with custom scale settings, you should definitely get the app. Today get the app and view and edit chromatogram files along with quality vector masked and trimming regions. We have shown two different methods to get the app. If you face any issue while getting the app, inform us through comments, we’ll love to solve your issue.

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