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WifiKill is the most demandable app for internet users to protect their wifi network. The main purpose of this app is to find out unauthorized WI-FI networks and help to disable them. The users can easily find out the number of devices that are connected to their wifi network. This app offers to check another network and boost the speed as well. So most MacOS users like to download wifikill for Mac to guard their wifi network. The app will ensure, your wifi network is always fast and works without any problems.

However, wifikill app download process is so simple and easy. If you want to wifikill download for pc and Mac devices, you can read the articles to follow the instructions.

What is  WifiKill App?

Wifikill is the best wifi network protector or controller app. It is capable of disconnecting the other devices from the same network. This useful app can detect unwanted connections. Saves the wifi network from internal ARP attacks. You can download wifikill for Mac using the bluestacks. This awesome app is very convenient for monitoring network activities.

WifiKill is an application to kill unauthorized network connections and protect the internet user’s wifi network. Wifi kill app was released in 2018.

Technical Details of the WifiKill App

Every App has its own technical details that help you get additional information about that app. Here we have created a table with such information about WifiKill.

App’s Name WiFi KiLL Pro – WiFi Analyzer
Updated February 19, 2021
Size 8.2M
Installs 100,000+
Current Version 1.0.6
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Content Rating Teen
Category Tools
License Paid/Free
Offered By Boubkari Aissam
Developer https://pf595c6f.app-ads-txt.com/app-ads.txt

Features of  WifiKill App

wifi kill for pc

  • Wifikill app will let you know how many connections are connected with your wifi network.
  • It gives access to monitoring the network activities of other users.
  • You can check your browsing history.
  • The wifi access can disable or disconnect any unauthorized device and unwanted wifi network.
  • The app works on Android, PC, Tablets, macOS, and other devices.
  • It works on different kinds of devices.
  • Wifikill is very easy to use and has a simple GUI.

How to Download WifiKill For Mac With Emulators?

There are plenty of emulators which can run wifi kill on MAC. Here are the steps to download wifikill for mac pc using bluestacks

wifikill app for Mac

  1. Download bluestacks and install it.
  2. Then, open bluestacks and click on play store.
  3. Search wifi kill.
  4. Click on install.
  5. Finally, it will be installed on your Mac

How to Install WifiKill for Mac using bluestack?

Follow these steps to install wifi kill using bluestacks in Mac:

download wifikill for pc

  1. Go to bluestacks official website and download bluestacks.
  2.  Click “next” to install bluestacks.
  3. Then open bluestacks and you will see the home screen of bluestacks
  4. Play store app will be pre-installed on it.
  5. Press on play store and click on the search bar.
  6. Search for wifi Kill and click on the first app.
  7. Click on install, and it will automatically be installed on your macOS.

How to Install  WifiKill for Mac using Memu Player?

Follow these steps to install wifi kill using memu player in Mac:

  1. Download memu player from their official website.
  2. Then, double click on memu player and you will see the home screen.
  3. Play store app will be pre-installed on it.
  4. Open play store and click on the search bar.
  5. Search for wifi Kill and click on the first app.
  6. Click on install and it will automatically be installed on your device.

Alternative to  WifiKill App

Among the numerous Wifi app available on the internet, here we have outlined two of the best alternatives to the Wifikill app that contain some unique features.

Netcut Pro

 NetCut is one of the best wifikill similar apps that control the wifi user’s network systematically. It is an expert in collecting information on other unauthorized devices. So no one can use your wifi connection without your permission. It also disconnects the other’s connection from your wifi connection. This app has some awesome features, such as easy to detect all connected networks, scan networks, detect hackers, and disconnect the hacker connection. If you are a mac user, you can’t get the free app. You have to use an emulator for downloading Netcut for Mac.

Download Netcut

Arp Guard

ARP Guard is a wifikill alternative for Mac. this system works like your wifi network protector. This app can easily detect unauthorized sources and kill them.  The ARP Guard work against the internal ARP attacks.  Arp guard is an app like wifikill that identifies the hacker’s sources and saves the user’s wifi connection. The features are, protects from any types of networks, three program modes, and the app can alert the wifi users about the hacker.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Few questions and their answers have been included below that will help you to solve some problems that are related to the Wifikill app.

How can I kill WIFI without root?

Root access is mandatory for wifikill. You can take temporary root access.

Is The WifiKill App Safe?

Yes, it is safe.

Is WifiKill Illegal?

Wifikill is legal or illegal; it is not defined by the government yet. The legality of the app depends on how the users use it. If the users use it for their security purpose, it is legal, but it is illegal if they use it to bother others.

How to Use NetCut WiFiKill For PC?

By downloading the software from their official website, you can use NetCut wifikill for pc.

How to Remove Android.Wifikill from Your Computer Completely?

To remove android.wifikill follow these steps:
Download any antivirus you want. I recommend avast or Kaspersky.
Install the antivirus.
Then click scan.
And then look for android wifi kill.
Click remove, and it will remove from your pc.

How to kill wifi Connection With Netcut WiFiKill for PC?

There are several options to block wifi using NetCut wifikill.
Use mac filtering to block any device.
Block devices connected to any wifi network using your device.
Swich to ‘WPS mode’’on the wifi router.

Final View

Wifikill is one of the great apps for protecting your wifi connection. If you are worried about your wifi connection security, we highly recommend you to get wifikill app.

However, in the above, I have mentioned all the processes of downloading & installing wifikill for Mac using the Bluestacks emulator. Now you can easily install the app on your Mac without any hassle by following the process.
Even then, if you get any issues while downloading the app on Mac, feel free to share with us by commenting below.

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