NVSIP For Mac – Step By Step Guide For Download & Install

There are an enormous variety of people who have IP Cameras to guard their apartment or offices. To monitor those surveillance cameras, a controlling application is needed. In that case, we prefer having Nvsip, which is an android app but you can download it on your MacBook as well if you are supposed to monitor your security cameras from the Big screen. But as it is an Android app, how can it be downloaded on Macbook? Don’t be worried about it as we are here to give you an effective solution regarding the subject.  In this entire content, we’ll show How To Use Nvsip for Mac without confronting any troublesome situation.

What Is Nvsip & Why It Is Necessary?

Nvsip may be a straightforward app that will be applied to control your camera surveillance from any place you would like. It’s executed by sunywohk within the Google Play Store that has been applied by thousands of people currently as an observation app. Nvsip also works as a video player and editor so you can easily edit your videos and don’t need to get an extra editing app. Why is Nvsip necessary? Nvsip has lots of features including, real-time video, 2-way audio, motion detection, and many more. The application has no maturity boundary therefore anyone will apply it without any limitation.

Beneficial Features of Nvsip

What features Nvsip has? This question may fall into your mind. There are a remarkable number of features that Nvsip offers. We have given some crucial features of it.

  1. It enables you to watch live video
  2. Playback and recorded system available
  3. DVR and NVR support
  4. You can take snapshots of certain footages
  5. PTZ control with Zoom in and Out option
  6. Provides HD Quality Footage
  7. Motion detection
  8. Instant alert if something happens in front of your camera
  9. Multi cameras support
  10. Two-way audio features to talk to the intruders

How To Download Nvsip for Mac with Emulators?

It has been previously suggested that Nvsip is simply accessible on Google Play Store and Apple app store. So, without getting help from emulators, it is impossible to use on  Mac and Windows. Emulators let the Windows and Mac users download any applications that are only available on Google Play Store. In the below segments, we’ll show the download procedures with two different emulators that will be helpful for you.

Download and Install Nvsip for Mac With Bluestacks Emulator

Nvsip Free Download for Mac is not as hard as you assume. Bluestacks is comparatively simple to use and one of the oldest emulators that are used by thousands of users. Whatever, let’s download the download process of Nvsip for Mac below.


Open a browser and visit Bluestacks’ official website.


Now, click on the “Download Bluestacks” option below and the .dms file will be downloaded.


When the .dms file is downloaded, open it and follow the screen direction to install it.


Once the Bluestacks is downloaded, a shortcut will be included on the home screen. Click on that to run the Bluestacks.


After that, you’ll be asked to provide a Gmail Account to have access.  Enter your valid account and password.

 Step- 6

Now, search “Nvsip” on the Play Store search bar and wait a moment after getting search results.


Press on the app’s thumbnail and then you’ll discover an “install” option below.


At this level press on the “Install” selection and also the app starts downloading and installed spontaneously.

How To Download & Install Nvsip for Mac with Nox Player?

Nox Player is one of the most well-known emulators that holds lots of features and the good thing about the app is, it has a user-friendly interface, thus anyone can use it without puzzling. Let’s check the download procedure of Nvsip for Mac with Nox Player.

  1. Continue to the approved website of Nox Player
  2. Press on the “Mac Version” below
  3. The .dms file will be downloaded instantly
  4. Find the .dms file to install it
  5. After that open the downloaded Bluestacks from your home screen
  6. Now, give a Gmail account to make access. If you don’t have an account, produce a replacement one.
  7. Search the app on the Google Play Store
  8. Click on the app’s thumbnail
  9. Now in new windows, you’ll see an “install” option
  10. Tap on the “install”
  11. The app begins downloading and installing spontaneously
  12. After that, find the app on Bluestacks’s home screen
  13. Tap on the app and start using

How to Download Nvsip From Apple App Store?

If you intend to download Nvsip for iPhone, then the good news is, it can be downloaded from the Apple app store as it is available there. Here, we’ll show the download process of Nvsip for iPhone from the app store.

  1. Open Apple App Store from your iPhone home screen
  2. You’ll ask for providing Apple Account
  3. Entire your Apple ID and Password
  4. Once you got access, search “Nvsip”
  5. Now click on the app’s thumbnail
  6. And then press on the “Get” option
  7. It will be downloaded and installed within a few moments

How To Connect Camera With Nvsip?

Connecting camera surveillance with Nvsip is not difficult. It can be connected by anyone with some simple steps. Here, we have given the procedure step by step that will help you to connect your camera to the app with ease.

  • Open Nvsip first on your device
  • Now, select “IP camera with wizard”
  • Provide, username, password, and other information that you asked for
  • Now press on the “connect” option
  • All are set. You’ll be up to monitor your cameras from everywhere around the world.


Nvsip is one of the most trusted apps that is easy to use. It provides uncountable options that change you to watch your camera from any place. From watching live cameras to PTZ control, everything is available on the app. In addition, it supports multiple cameras simultaneously that increase the security of your home and office. However,  in this context, we have presented the download procedure of Nvsip for Mac. we hope, by applying the procedure, anyone can have it easily on their devices.

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