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The demand for security cameras is increasing day by day for security purposes. Especially security camera is needed for home or apartment, office, and business farms. But any cheap or normal camera can’t give you a good service. It would be best if you had an internet protocol camera to install on your home or office. ivms-4500 for Mac will help you with a CCTV camera network to secure your home or office. Ivms 4500 is an app that provides you to show real-time footage as well.

Ivms-45oo is the best one than other alternatives. Users can monitor the live Video closely. Again this awesome has some outstanding features that can reduce your concern about your security. So if you are interested in using the App on your Mac, please read the rest of the article to know how to download ivms-45oo for Mac.

About iVMS-4500

ivms 4500 for mac os

Ivms-4500 is an awesome app that can capture all the moments which are recorded with the camera. It is a special kind of App that can help the user record the footage with time and date.

So iVMS-4500 for Mac can provide complete customer security about their home, office, or business.

Ivms-4500 is specially made for mobile phones. The App is presented by HIKVISION HQ and a china software developer company. About 10 million people have been using the App since its release. Ivms-4500 supports on Hikvision camera, NVR, HD TVI CCTV camera, IP camera and DVR. This App works on android and iOS, but you can use it on your Mac device using emulators.

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Main Features of iVMS-4500

There are many useful features of iVMS-4500 App. Here are some of them:

ivms-4500 for mac catalina

  1. The user can preview videos in real-time of 16+ channels.
  2. You can swipe, pinch, zoom in or out in the preview mode, which is a great feature.
  3. It supports preset activation and configuration and also calibration for brightness.
  4. It supports snapshot.
  5. You can manage up to 256 devices with it.

Pros and Cons iVMS-4500

Before starting the installation process of ivms-4500, you should know about its pros and cons. Here I will mention some pros and cons of this App.

✅User can store their recorded Video.
✅Simple installations procedure.
✅The camera can connect with other devices.
✅It offers an affordable price.
❌It requires more bandwidth.
❌Required some additional accessories.

How to Use the iVMS-4500 App for Mac?

The usage of the iVMS-4500 App is so easy. All you have to do is follow the steps given below:

  • Download iVMS-4500 App from play store or app store.
  • Then install it and open the App.
  • Click on the menu button and then click on add a new device.
  • Then press the devices button and add a new device with all its information.
  • Lastly, start the live view.

How To Download and Install iVMS-4500 for Mac With Nox Player

Downloading Ivms-4500 is very easy. Just follow these steps:

ivms 4500 download for mac

  1. Open your favorite web browser.
  2. Use its search tool to search Nox player.
  3. Download Nox Player from their official website.
  4. The installation process is very easy to install by pressing next or finish.
  5. Then you need to open it when it opens.
  6. You will see its home screen.
  7. Then you will see an App called play store.
  8. Open play store and sign in to gain access.
  9. Click on the search bar and search for IVMS-4500.
  10. Then click on install.
  11. And it will be installed on your device.

Download iVMS-4500 App for Mac With BlueStacks Emulator

The download process of ivms-4500 App for Mac using bluestacks is given below:

ivms-4500 download

  1. Open any browser.
  2. Search for bluestacks.
  3. Go to their official website.
  4. Click on “download bluestacks
  5. When it is downloaded, install it by following their installation guide.
  6. Then open it, and you will see its home screen.
  7. There will be an App called play store.
  8. Open play store and click on the search bar.
  9. Search for IVMS-4500 and click install.
  10. Finally, the installation process is complete.

How to Download & Install iVMS 4500 From the Mac Store?

To download IVMS-4500 from the Mac store, follow these steps:

  1. Open your mac store
  2. Search IVMS-4500
  3. Click install, and it will be installed on your Macbook

Some Alternative Apps to iVMS-4500

iVMS-4500 HD

Ivms-4500 HD is an application that connects with all the surveillance cameras, and it can record, monitor, and watch live video from any device. The App is similar to iVMS-4500 and gives the service like ivms-4500. You can save or store any video in this App.


HiLookVision is a apps like iVMs-4500. This is one of the best apps that can connect NVRs, DVRs, and IP cameras. Users can watch live Video of the camera on the devices, but it requires a stable internet connection for live streaming. HiLookVision has amazing features like connecting with several cameras on-screen, different gadgets are included, and movement search.


Gcmob is one of the IVMs-4500 alternatives, and this software works like the App. Using the gCMOB for mac users can monitor and manage DVR/NVR or Ip camera.  This is official software, so it is authentic. This software provides useful services for the user like watching live Video, recording and saving the videos, and managing the network.

gDMSS Lite

gdmss lite is produced by Dahua technology. It’s made for pc users specially. This App is for low-end devices, so anyone can use it with low ram or CPU usage. To get it on pc, you will need to use SmartPSS. There is a lot of feature of it like you can pan, tilt, zoom etc. Video monitoring and Video playback. Very easy to use with finger gestures and windows slide. This App is completely free, so any user can use it without paying at all.

SuperLive Plus

A super live plus is a software developed by Peng Antai for android and IOS devices. This is also a free app, so anyone can use it. This App is specially developed for Apple devices. There are some features of super live Plus, which are like real-time video streaming. You can also control operations on iPhone.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

There is a lot of queries that takes place in our mind. Here we tried to explain some of them. So, lets have a look at Faqs about group ivms-4500g applications.

How Do I Install iVMS-4500 on My Sony Smart Tv?

You have to plug in a USB keyboard or install an android TV remote on your phone. To connect with the tv through mobile devices, you should use local Ips of the DVR / NVR. After all of it, you can use the keyboard or your phone to put all recommended settings.

How Do I Connect My Surveillance Cameras on iVMS-4500?

First, download the IVMS-4500 App using the play store. Open its menu. Press devices and add a new device. Add all the information they want. Finally, start a live view.

How Many IP  Cameras Can I Use on iVMS-4500?

You can add 1 IP camera per account.

Can I  Download iVMS-4500 for Pc, Including Windows 10?

You can download IVMS-4500 for pc using an emulator.

What Can I Do If iVMS-4500 Doesn’t Work?

If your IVMS-4500 is not working, the most common reason is that the Public IP address has changed because network cable/internet cable is un-plugged. So you need to find the new ip and connect to it.

Final Thought

Ivms-4500 for Mac is a very useful software for the user as it can manage and monitor the CCTV camera and gives complete security to them. It can record and save the live Video and provides motion detection to alert the user.

I have mentioned all the necessary steps of downloading iVMS-4500 for Mac in two different procedures. You can choose any of them.

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