How to fake location on Zenly?

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Last updated on October 30th, 2022 at 04:52 pm

Zenly is a tracking application, and we use Zenly to track the location of our friends and family. But sometimes, we have to hide our actual location from others. Zenly can help us in this regard. Actually, there is no option for making a ‘fake GPS location”. This article will guide you through how to fake location on Zenly.

 If you follow all the steps correctly, you can create a fake location using the Zenly app.

So let’s know about the details.

How to fake location on Zenly?

You need to follow these steps to fake location on Zenly app. First, you need to go to the settings, then Privacy. Finally, make sure your location service is on. Then select always by scrolling down. Allow Zenly to access your location, and Zenly will fake your location.

How does Zenly work?

When you start the Zenly, it will show you a big map. In there, you can see your friend’s profile icon. Tap on your friend’s picture and see where they are.

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How to track people on Zenly?

How to track people on Zenly

To track people using Zenly, you have to open the app as usual. Then you will see a giant map. In this map, you will see some icons of your friend’s profile. These icons show where your friends exactly are. This method works on IOS and android. But for pc, you need to use an emulator like Bluestacks, Memuplayer, Nox player etc. You can choose Bluestacks because it is the best among those. Download Bluestacks and install. Then open it, go to the play store, find the Zenly app and install it. Now, open Zenly and start tracking your friends easily.

How to change Zenly kmp to mph?

To change Zenly kmp to mph you need to go to the settings page. Then go to length units. You can choose Metric for kmp or Imperial for mph.

How to change location on Zenly

Here are the steps to change location in Zenly app. Find and open settings page > privacy > Location Services. Ensure your location services are on. Scroll down and tap Zenly app. Make sure the option called “Always” is selected. Finally, allow Zenly to access your location data when it is running in the background.

blurred location Zenly

  1. Please go to your profile of the Zenly app and then click on the ghost icon
  2. There will be 3 options to select ghost modes from.
  3. They are precise, Blurred, frozen.
  4. Click on blurred, and your location will be blurred.

How to turn off your location on Zenly?

How to turn off your location on Zenly?

To hide your Zenly location / turn your area off from Zenly app. It would help if you went to your profile. Select the ghost icon from your profile. Finally, choose frozen so your location will be frozen, and nobody will be able to track you.

Then click on the Ghost icon under your name.

How to set home in Zenly?

To set up home in Zenly app, please follow these steps,

  1. Tap on your home button
  2. Select settings icon
  3. Choose the option called relocate
  4. Swipe left then you will be able to see your exact location.
  5. Finally, confirm your choice.

Final Thought

To change your GPS location on your phone or device, the Zenly application is the best. Overall, Zenly app is one of the most useful app to hide your location from anybody. Hopefully, now you know how to fake location on Zenly.

This app is highly recommended for you if you want to hide your location.

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